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Located within minutes of Denver, The Fladen Law Center represents clients with their legal problems along Colorado’s Front Range. With experience representing a myriad of private clients and multiple governmental entities, The Fladen Law Center can advise you on your complicated legal problems, and if necessary, provide affordable and zealous representation in the event of litigation.

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Our Mission

I represent aggressively those people who give me the privilege to serve. I believe every customer is entitled to my understanding, skills and legal expertise to get a good result. I am committed to that goal.

My Practice Areas

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Business Litigation

Sometimes contracts lead to disputes. Whether you have not been paid for your work, have another entity claiming you owe them money, are having a dispute over ownership and control over your company itself, or a number of other issues, The Fladen Law Center can work to bring your problems to a sensible conclusion so that you can return to making money without the hassle of an ongoing legal fight.  Read More…

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Engineers discussing construction of the building, rear view
Construction Litigation

Perhaps you are a subcontractor faced with a pay-if-paid clause and the general contractor is not pursuing payment. Perhaps you have encountered schedule or payment delays in working on a project. Or perhaps you simply need a contract reviewed before you agree to perform work on a project. On any number of construction issues, The Fladen Law Center can assist your company.  Read More…

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Sad little girl listening her parents having an argument in a kitchen
Family Law

Divorce and resulting child custody and property disputes can be traumatic. All at once, not only does the future you pictured for your family shatter, your entire vision of who you are and want to be can dramactically change. The Fladen Law Center can be here for you in these difficult times.  Read More…

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Governmental Transparency

Just because you may have the statutory right to look at governmental records or have your local governing body conduct an open meeting does not mean that this right will get honored. The Fladen Law Center has experience fighting for these rights and aggressively defending the public’s interest to an open government.  Read More…

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Medical Bills

You may have had a medical emergency and received large bills from a visit to the ER. That bill from the hospital may not be legally enforceable. A simple consult may be able to determine whether your liability is potentially much less than what your medical provider seeks to charge you.  Read More…

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Real Estate Litigation
Real Estate Litigation

Not every contract for the purchase of real estate gets honored. Sometimes a seller gets a better offer and refuses to close. Other times the seller fails to disclose expensive-to-repair defects in the home. The Fladen Law Center has experience dealing with these issues and other real estate issues (including HOA governance) and can work to efficiently resolve your problems related to the sale or purchase and ownership of real property.  Read More…

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When I Take a Case

I TAKE IT Personally!

I don’t tell you what you want to hear; I tell you what you need to hear and find creative solutions where others don’t.


I was deeply grateful to Elliot for working hard to help me. I was in a difficult position and needed a great deal of assistance. Elliot was able to create a favorable outcome and I felt relieved and hopeful. I believe he represented me honestly and treated everyone involved with respect. I would highly recommend him. For More Reviews

Lynn & Mark

Elliot is a very talented & brillant attorney. I would highly recommend him for any of your legal needs. He represented my husband and me on a construction matter and was successful in getting the case dismissed. We were so blessed to have been put in contact with Elliot from another attorney who was not as familiar with construction law. For More Reviews


While the case was relatively straightforward, there were a number of wrinkles including a time sensitive item (same day filing at the court). We needed the expertise of someone who knows what they are doing across the mediation table, negotiating on the phone, or standing in front of a judge making an argument. Fladen has the chops to get the job done. For More Reviews

Tim & Sandy

If the qualities noted in the title of this review describe the type of attorney you want to help you in litigation, contract disputes and appeals then Elliot is the right person for you and your situation. We are professional business people and Elliot was referred to us by an attorney who practices in a different discipline….For More Reviews


Elliot made a decision to take our case when others may not have. He worked dilligently and had insight into various details that proved to be important in resolving the unknown factors in our case. We were needing information and resolution involving the structural deterioration of a home. For More Reviews


I hired Mr. Fladen to help me evaluate and select a defense team. Due to the complexities of the case, he also helped tremendously with the research, background and trial preparation. He helped me select the correct lawyer for my specific case and his contributions to the team through his research had a significant impact on the direction we took for our defense. For More Reviews


I hired Elliot over a year ago for a business dispute that then evolved into litigation. Elliot is bright, motivated and very accessible at all times of day or night if a question should arise. The research he does to prove his clients are in the right is unprecedented and something that I have never experienced with an attorney. For More Reviews

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